Why Are Aesthetic Treatments So Much More Popular Than They Used To Be?

Several years ago, getting anti-wrinkle therapy or a plumper pout was a bit of a taboo, however in recent years’ demand for injectable has grown significantly. Many believe this is due to social media and the influence this potentially has on the younger generation.

There are much more products out there and within each of these brands, product branding and exposure is unlimited. Many people who have never had aesthetic treatment would have in some form heard about a dermal filler brands for example Juvedern, retylane etc.

There are positives and negatives to this growth of which may not be very apparent. Negatives of the industry is unfortunately the growing number of young individuals who are finding themselves seeking confidence at the end of a needle. Regrettably for these beautiful individuals many practices will treat them when the indication is minimal and / or nonexistent.

At L1P Aesthetics the clinicians are medically trained, an oath was sworn which highlights the role of a doctor to ensure benefits outweigh risks to the patient and that doctors shall not cause any harm. Due to the aesthetic industry not being tightly regulated, many individuals who practice aesthetics, do not have a regulating body that monitors their work or the underlying reasons for their treatments. This makes the industry very volatile and an unsafe place for many of the younger generation who do not seek information prior to treatment.

Although the above is significant, and very much in the spotlight due to adverse cases increasing over the years by non-medically trained aestheticians, there are some benefits to the industry. There are many individuals who have toyed with the idea of dermal fillers and or anti wrinkle therapy and have done copious amount of research. These individuals in some instances may have a hidden insecurity that they have sought a solution for over several years. These individuals, once consulted correctly, and in detail, tend to notice a huge impact on their lives post treatment. Something that may not seem such a big problem to the next person may have been all the individual noticed prior to treatment. We have many individuals who have attended L1P who were ‘paranoid’ about a certain facial feature, though not evident to those around them, by consulting and treating once risks and benefits are weighed, the impact is tremendous. We have patients who have cried in clinic not due to being unhappy with treatment, but the fact that they did not expect such a huge difference, one they have sought over several years. Cases like these enable the aesthetics industry to be what it is today. It also sways some individuals away from more permanent changes with the use of surgery, which come with its own risks.

A recent article in Aesthetic medicine demonstrated the following

‘A survey by cosmetic surgery experts Flawless.org has shown that almost half (45%) of 13-24-year olds believe they are already showing signs of ageing with 60% saying social media had made them more paranoid about getting old.

Sagging skin was the number one concerns with 25% of participants citing this as a worry. Changes to their breasts and wrinkles both received 22% of the vote while hair loss was the top fear for 15%. Only 16% had no concerns at all.

When asked if they would consider getting work done, 48% of young adults said that they would. The survey was completed by 1,600 females from different parts of the world aged 13-24.  The results showed that one of the main reasons that females have considered cosmetic surgery is stop signs of ageing from showing (33%) followed right behind by living up to society’s beauty standards (33%). “

Reference: https://aestheticmed.co.uk/site/industrynewsdetails/60-of-young-women-say-social-media-has-made-them-paranoid-about-ageing


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