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Lumi Eyes treatment, available at L1P Aesthetics under the direction of Dr. Ranjbar, offers a sophisticated approach to rejuvenating the delicate skin around the eyes. Recognised for its effectiveness in reducing dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines, Lumi Eyes treatment provides a safe and advanced solution for achieving a refreshed and youthful appearance.

At L1P Aesthetics, we understand the importance of addressing the specific concerns of the eye area, such as fatigue, stress, and signs of ageing. Lumi Eyes treatment utilises a combination of clinically proven ingredients and advanced techniques to target these concerns and promote overall eye health.

During the treatment process, a specialised formulation is applied to the skin around the eyes, delivering a rejuvenating blend of ingredients to address dark circles, reduce puffiness, and smooth fine lines. The treatment is gentle and non-invasive, making it suitable for all skin types.

Patients undergoing Lumi Eyes treatment at L1P Aesthetics can expect gradual yet noticeable improvements in the appearance of the eye area over time. It is recommended that patients undergo a series of treatments for optimal results, with maintenance sessions as needed.

Whether addressing dark circles, puffiness, or fine lines, Lumi Eyes treatment offers a versatile solution for enhancing the beauty and vitality of the eyes. At L1P Aesthetics, patient safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, and our team of experts is dedicated to delivering personalised care and guidance throughout the treatment process.

With Lumi Eyes treatment at L1P Aesthetics, patients can experience the transformative effects of this innovative approach, achieving brighter, more youthful-looking eyes with confidence and assurance.

Benefits of Lumi Eyes

Complex whitening and skin rejuvenation
Restoration of damaged skin
Forming a healthy skin barrier
Regeneration of cells and tissues of the dermis
Anti-aging and anti-fine wrinkles
Skin lightening & rejuvenation
Improvement of skin elasticity

Overview of Lumi Eyes

varies per patient

Procedure time

15-30 minutes

Treatment Prices

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Number of sessions

1 - 3 treatments

Timeframe for results

2 - 3 days


May be slight bruising around the eyes for 1 - 2 days

Back to work

Same day

Duration of results

Approximately 9-12 months for most patients

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Bruising can occur from this treatment and every client can react differently. 

  • We do numb you prior to injecting the eye area however you may just feel a little discomfort or no pain at all. 

This treatment is perfectly safe although, with any treatment it can carry some risk.  All practitioner should be taught of the potential issues that may arise from this  treatment and how to manage any issues correctly. Dr Hannah has a full in-depth knowledge about the anatomy of the human face & skin and extensive experience in administering this treatment. Be assured that we make every effort to minimise any risks.

Dermaren Lumi Eyes allows you to achieve a perfect effect after a course of treatments. Your body can react in different ways to the product and it is not always guaranteed that the results will be seen instantly. For best results, it is recommended to perform a series of 3 treatments with an interval of 4 weeks and repeat the treatment twice a year. The skin will gain energy and freshness, while reducing bruising and fatigue.