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There has recently been new data released by the American Society of Plastic surgeons (ASPS) showing huge growth in cosmetic procedures in the last year alone. According to the annual plastic surgery procedural statistics, there were 15.9 million surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2015.

This being said it is no secret that men are getting Anti Wrinkle treatments, more now than ever before. The number of men in 2016 that had Anti Wrinkle Injections totalled a massive 453,281 in America alone, according to ASPS. This was 9.9% of the TOTAL procedures done on men and woman. It was also stated that the number of men getting Anti Wrinkle injections has increased by 337% since the millennium.

When I read this, I wanted to delve into the reasons why Men are getting Anti Wrinkle injections so here is what I found

  1. The City Workers, Night Owls and Gym Boys

The practitioners I have spoken to and from my own experience with patients, it has become apparent that the men who are getting Anti Wrinkle injections are typically 25-55 years old. Many men we do see are either White collar professionals, who have stressful professions – the night owls I like to call them, or indeed the gym goers. However, with this being said, it is near impossible to pinpoint a certain type of male who receives Anti Wrinkle Injections. We all agreed that we don’t even bat an eyelid when a male walks into our clinics.

The gym goers I usually see have what I Call the gym face; this usually entails increased frown lines and forehead wrinkles namely due to the facial expressions that are made during a workout. Even I have been victim to the gym face, and its near impossible to refrain from pulling those silly faces, unless of course you have just gone into the gym to take your Instagram selfie!! As well as this some of my gym goers have lost some weight may that be minimal of significant, which has of course impacted on the loss of facial volume particularly the cheeks. So these clientel although bodies like Hercules, tend to have faces that appear prematurely aged. It is known that when body fat is very low due to a thorough and vigilant exercise regime, there is an unfortunate trade off where in most instances the face will invariably suffer.

  1. The Over Night Fix

Results are seen in some patients within a week. Men do not tend to like waiting for anything, so a lot of comments I have had is indeed the quick results they have seen. Yes of course with fillers you see the results instantly, however your wait is not exactly the other side of the year to see the Toxin working its magic.

  1. Gone in 60 seconds

The procedure itself would take 10 minutes, including the consultation, maximum an hour. As I mentioned men don’t like waiting for anything, so it’s safe to say they like the quickly in quickly out approach. Apart from the precautions you have pre and post procedure, it wouldn’t usually affect your day to day life, so the minimal impact is appealing.

  1. It’s not a one man band

Anti Wrinkle Injections are not just used for fighting wrinkles. Originally, it was used to control eyelid spasms. Today, its uses are varied, and patients can get relief for many different conditions. Anti Wrinkle Treatments can be used to treat:

Dynamic wrinkles (cosmetic use)

Chronic migraines

Neck pain

Eyelid spasms

Overactive bladder

Stiffness from focal spasticity

Severe underarm sweating

Eye muscle problems

The most common uses may be cosmetic, but Anti Wrinkle Injections have been part of a doctor’s toolkit for decades.


Of course, the main reason Anti Wrinkle treatment is so popular with men and woman alike is that is works. No need for trying different creams every month hoping for the miracle cure. Dynamic wrinkles are caused by repetitive facial movements, resulting in permanent creases. Anti Wrinkle injections work by gently relaxing the facial muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles. Once the injections have had time to work, the creases relax and smooth out the face. Patients are usually thrilled with the results, which last for about 3-4 months. Many people love Anti Wrinkle injections so much, they always have their next appointment scheduled. Others use it for special occasions, like birthdays or weddings. Frown lines and crows’ feet wrinkles affect everyone. For that reason, Anti Wrinkle injections are for everyone!








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