Apparently Its Not Just Us Humans Who Crave Anti Wrinkle Injections!

Now when I read this I first laughed, I initially thought they were calling beauty girls camels. I mean I was sincerely wrong. This story is about real live camels and wait for it….. Anti Wrinkle Injections!

I know, its bloody dumb! Some ‘wannabe’ genius has conjured up this idea about injecting his live stock of camels with Anti Wrinkle treatments. yes thats right, then this craze seems to have caught on. I mean its not really fair on the animals let’s be honest?

Then I read that these camels have been disqualified from a beauty contest in Saudi Arabia after the handlers were apparently found to be tampering with their features to make them ‘more attractive’. not entirely sure what world I live in now to be utterly frank.

This all happened at the 2018 King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, where these poor camels were being judged on their humps and lips. I mean this sounds like us in the UK on a regular basis, but Saudi seems to be moving up in the world, better yet moving onto seeking animal beauty.

Want to know the actual punch line….. the contest had a combined prize money of $57 million up for grabs. To me and you thats quite possibly more than we will every see in our lifetime.

It was alleged that Ali Al Mazrouei, the son of a top Emirati breeder had said Anti Wrinkle injections were used for the lips, the nose and even the jaw. I am MIND BLOWN. he then went on to say ….. “it makes the head more inflated so when the camel comes it’s like, ‘oh look at how big that head is”.

I really wish I could let him know that in the aesthetics industry a beautiful look is usually towards one that is more erm….. in proportion!

Anyway I thought i would shed my opinion on this, I think its frankly pretty ghastly. I don’t agree with it and I most definitely never will. It just amused me that some of us in the UK would love to try some Anti Wrinkle injections however maybe can’t wangle the extra dollar at the end of the month to put towards a Anti Wrinkle session, and these arabs have Anti Wrinkle injections left over for there animals. Does anyone reading this think his is okay? would really like to know if anyone thinks that there was nothing wrong with what has happened to these camels??

now this nicely ties in with cost…. I will shortly be talking about the cost of Anti Wrinkle injections and some other procedures, it would be nice to get your opinions on this with me.

Keep an eye out for my costing blog……


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