What To Do If My Treatment Went Wrong At Another Clinic? – L1P Aesthetics

So your treatment went wrong at a previous clinic. What do you do now?!

Just like in any industry, undesirable outcomes may occur. The rule of thumb is … do not panic! … thankfully many treatments in the aesthetics industry now can be reversed or have a known timeline of effect. 

If you are unhappy with your treatment, whether this is your lips, for example, lumps, bumps, migration, etc, unless you discuss this with the injector that carried out the work, they will not be able to advise or offer a solution. 

At L1P, we are inundated with corrections from patients, which of course we welcome, however, we do advise that you initially ask/discuss your concerns with your previous injector. We do however know that for some this is out of the question and the patient would rather avoid at all costs due to previous experience/trauma etc. We accommodate this and know it can be difficult. We do however like to know (where possible) the products that were used, and when your last treatment was carried out. 

Dr. Ranjbar carries out corrections from other clinics at least a couple of times a week. She specifically enjoys this as she personally understands the anguish and stress, undesired treatment may cause. Due to this, she aims to rectify any issues and restore confidence with the patient.  

 Please do not sit on unwanted, undesired treatment, things can be rectified and confidence can be restored.  


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