How Much Lip Filler Do I Need? By Dr Ranjbar

How much lip filler do I need?

Lip filler quantities and recommendations will vary with every clinician. You may never find two injectors that agree or recommend exactly the same thing.

For example, I pride myself on being “the natural lip queen”. Not a name I made for myself but one my patients have said over the years and now it’s just stuck.

Yes, I do fuller lips but every single augmentation is bespoke and tailored to the patient (not a set stencil learned at a single course day). My experience over the years has taught me what technique will give the patient their exact desired outcome. With this, I am able to tailor the enhancement to be as naturally plump as the patient requests.

With this, there is the question of “how much filler do I need”

This is of course difficult to answer however typically

The rule of thumb I use is;

If you are only wanting either “just the top lip” or “just the bottom lip” to be larger, a 0.5ml will Typically produce the desired outcome. The majority of the dermal filler will be placed in the area that is of concern, with any minor remaining filler to define and contour the remaining.

A few examples of 0.5ml injected at L1P Aesthetics:

If you want to have both top and bottom slightly / significantly larger 0.5ml will not usually be enough. For an overall plump 1ml is used to give the look desired.

A few examples of 1ml injected at L1P Aesthetics:

For those individuals who want a very very subtle change, the change I refer to as “hydrated and slightly defined” this would be achieved with a 0.5ml overall. This will not be noticeable to many around you but it is something you will see yourself as a hydrated/rejuvenated overall look.

A few examples of 0.5ml over the top and bottom lip – injected at L1P Aesthetics

For some who are concerned and opt for 0.5ml overall, this is absolutely an option and for some, it produces beautiful results. However, with this being said I have found that over the years. Although patients initially are worried about “the fake look” and opt for the 0.5ml, I find that after the swelling has settled in some instances “want more”. This is due to overcoming the initial shock and fear and finding that they may have actually quite liked their lips during the swelling stages

As mentioned every lip is different and the above is just the rule of thumb. Each treatment booked comes with a compulsory consultation on the day. I ask what you want as the overall look and from this come up with a treatment plan and my suggested quantity of filler 0.5ml /1ml to give you the results wanted. Even if 1ml is the chosen quantity, not all have to be used, I work to give the patient the best result whether that be 0.8ml or 0.97ml.

An example of the longevity of filler injected at L1P Aesthetics:


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