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So for those of you who may be new to the growing industry of the classical Botulinum toxin, this may be the blog for you to read.

A bizarre yet very sought after Toxin in the aesthetics industry, works in a simple manner, yielding various results. whether we like it or not, we live in a world where the baby boom generation is approaching the elderly status, with this the population that we refer to as old, is steadily increasing in numbers. Many are seeking therapies, products and procedures that defy the ageing process and reverse or slow down what is inevitably around the corner.

So lets cut to the chase and make this a tad more engaging.


A toxin released by the soil bacteria referred to as Clostridium Botulinum. This fascinating toxin essentially blocks at a particular site known as “synapses” the release of what is known as acetylcholine. The way I understood it in medical school and today is simple, acetylcholine is found in the human body, and its main purpose in its little life is to “CONTRACT” muscle. It does this all around the body, from the heart to those big muscles in your thighs. So i will try and demonstrate this in my video you can find on the bottom of here…… if you take any material and scrunch it up, you are very likely to cause creases. now lets imagine your forehead, when you raise your eyebrows you may have some ‘creases, lines’. So in essence if we block the acetylcholine here, guess what happens? The muscle there no longer contracts, no lines….hence paralysis of that muscle group- NO WRINKLES.

This however does come with an expiration period. Anything good usually comes to an end. I will discuss various timelines with multiple samples of Botulinum toxin in a different blog. Keep an eye out for it.







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