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What brand of Dermal Filler is best?

This is a very difficult question to answer. The question should be, what dermal filler suits my need best. However, it is well known in the aesthetic industry that dermal fillers all have their own good and bad points.

The most well-known brand of dermal filler that gets requested in Juvéderm, however, when asked why this particular brand of filler the patient is unsure. It is paramount that we know the properties for each filler and knows if that particular brand, the product will suit the desired outcome. Juvéderm to use as an example has the following products within the brand


Juvéderm, again as a known brand example, is a hyaluronic acid that extends its longevity by being hydrophilic in nature (loving water). What this means is once injected the filler will suck up around 10 times the injected volume with water from tissues that surround the injection area. Please note all fillers can be slightly hydrophilic, however, Juvéderm is the MOST hydrophilic due to the higher concentration of hyaluronic acid. What this means in plain English is there will be prolonged oedema (swelling) around the injected area. This is beyond the swelling timeline. This can continue to occur for several years. You may have noticed this on some individuals where there is wither a faint shadow or a very well-demarcated area above the lip where the filler has essentially Migrated due to the hydrophilic nature of the product. Though all HA fillers have the potential to do this, it is particularly common with Juvéderm. Juvéderm also has low cohesivity, meaning the ability to bind to itself. Again, what this means is that it has a tendency to spread to surrounding areas, again the shadows we see above many individuals’ lips are due to this occurring. Plenty of clinics still use Juvéderm as the main brand for lip filler, dubbing the hydrophilic properties ‘good for extra plumping’ due to the drawing of fluid to the lips, however, the spread of the dermal filler is not a desirable look.

Different dermal fillers have varying properties that are associated with risks. All dermal fillers have the potential to cause complications.

At L1P Dr. Ranjbar discusses the desired outcome with the patient and from this will advise on the best product and brand whether that be Teoxane, Juvéderm, Restylane, etc. The final decision is down to the patient allowing them to make an informed decision. She will avoid greatly hydrophilic with low cohesivity dermal fillers for the lip and tear troughs for example. She ensures the dermal filler used ensures a desirable pleasing aesthetic outcome, longevity, as well as ensuring she minimises possible complications from incorrect product use. As physicians, we have to ensure we have a detailed understanding of facial anatomy, the individual indications, and characteristics of each product and any contraindications they may pose.